Vittoria Corsa Speed TLR 25-622 Sort Dekk

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The fastest bicycle tire ever tested features the lightest tubeless-ready casing on the market. This race-day specific weapon has raised the bar on tire technology! The Corsa Speed uses a proprietary Graphene compound, which is then paired with an ultra-fine Corespun-T casing. The end result is a tire that maintains the lowest rolling resistance, while still providing the trademark Corsa suppleness, and outstanding wet weather grip. When used in tubeless form, the casing works perfectly with sealant, providing an even higher level of flat protection. This casing can also be used with an inner tube, if preferred. When absolute speed is your top priority, accept no substitute!

TLR 700 25c 25-622 Anthracite Sidewall 240g 111.3CS.00.25.611BX
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